Quick Notes from the Last Meetup (10/25)

Hello Everyone,

We had a very good meeting last Tuesday. Deborah is working on the minutes, so you’ll be getting details later, but I just quickly want to tell you that it was a permaculture principle at work in community organizing. We all introduced ourselves to the group, told why we were there, what we hope to see/do, and what skill sets we have. Wolf Bravo from Rosendale kindly accepted my request and joined us. He is a permaculture educator for indigenous community in Peru.

No one was leading the discussion, no one was in charge, yet the meeting flowed nicely. We all agreed that we want to exchange information and get some hands-on experience at each meeting, but what to do as the weather’s turning too cold to be in the garden?

Ina, who shared her story of growing up in Germany and putting up vegetables in late fall for the winter, had one word: sauerkraut! Then we all joined in—”rye starter!” “kefir grain!” “ginger culture!”—so we are going to have a fermentation party. Bring any culture or starter you have lying around, and your own cutting board, jars, bowls, a knife, a cabbage, carrots, whatever.  As a bonus, Wolf might give us a workshop on how to sharpen knives!

I think we are meeting again at Zena fire house. We need to have heat, so this is tentative. Also, at the meeting we decided on Tuesday, November 15, for our next meeting, but we need to change this because Ina has a conflict of schedule. Is Thursday, November 17 good for you?

I’ll send out more info on this fermentation party once we have the date and place set.

This email and all subsequent notification containing more than a few quick notes will be accessible at woodstockpermaculutre.wordpress.com. You can forward this address to any one who is interested. If any of you can contribute to our wordpress site, please let me know.

I also have the info on the upcoming permaculture design certification course. visit http://www.sowingsolutions.net/  for comprehensive information, but below is the email I received from a fantastic educator and natural-house builder, Kay Cafasso.

Keep the mycelium growing!


Green Phoenix 2012 Permaculture Design Certification Course
January through May ~ 5 Weekends
with Kay Cafasso, Connor Stedman, Mark Krawczyk, Ethan Roland and Guests!

– Tune your permaculture design skills and warm your spirit this winter within a permaculture learning community one weekend a month for 5 months.

at Green Phoenix Permaculture Demo Site in High Falls, NY
Site of the 2011 Northeastern Permaculture Summer Convergence
Permaculture demo site with a straw bale farmhouse, 3 forest gardens, scenic hiking trails, a ceremonial lodge, farm animals, water catchment systems, and many progressive people!
2 hours from NYC, 1.5 hours from Albany, 3 hours from Ithaca, 2 hours from Hartford; Near NYC train

Gain your internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate and be part of an actual design process from start to finish for the land surrounding a straw
bale farmhouse. Learn permaculture design skills and the design process, master site assessment practices that you can bring back to your backyard; Visit
numerous forest gardens; Learn about permaculture strategies for water systems; Practice nature awareness, observation skills and wildlife tracking; Explore
perennial vegetables, herbal medicine, wildcrafting, food preservation and fermenting, seed saving natural building, appropriate technologies, carbon farming,
coppicing, forest gardens designs, and so much more.

Guided Design Project Practice, Activities with Permaculture Design & Assessment Tools, Multi Media Presentations, Field Trips, Discussions about Topics
that Matter, Interactive Activities, Hands-On Garden Experience, Tours, and Play!

Dates in 2012: January 14-16; February 25-26; March 31-April1 ; April 21-22; May 18-20
Tuition: $900- $1500 (sliding scale), includes accommodation; $800 if you bring a friend
Potluck meals will be coordinated together
To register contact Joan: mamajoane@yahoo.com

Kay McGrenaghan Cafasso
Certified Permaculture Designer & Instructor
– Ecological Garden Services
– Educational Presentations, Workshops, Certificate Courses
– Earthen Plasters
– Celtic Dance

“You have full authority to improve creation!” -Geoff Lawton, Permaculturist

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  There are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the earth”  -Rumi


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