Monthly Archives: April 2012

To those who thought they couldn’t make it to our last meetup,  no need to despair: there was a mix-up in the scheduling, and the actual meetup is this coming Thursday, April 26! Everything else stays the same. Hope to see you then!

Revised Date for the Meetup


Next Meetup

Date: Thursday, April 19

Time: 7pm

Place: Judy Kerman’s home (email “info [at] flickbookstudio [dot] com” for address)

The agenda is:
plan for the year—make a list of desired projects and topics
discuss the blog and do some preliminary group training. If you have a laptop with wifi, please bring it so as many people as possible can be hands-on (I have 3 computers here, plus an iPad).
I visited Cuba March 10-17, and visited an urban organic farm/garden within the limits of Havana. I will show and discuss some pictures of the place. We might want to keep in touch with this group – maybe a sister cities concept? The manager says they use some permaculture concepts, but he would appreciate receiving literature about permaculture in Spanish. Books can be sent through the Center for Cuban Studies; I can also send him PDFs online. He has email but no access to the internet (this is the case for most Cubans). Perhaps Wolf can suggest useful materials?
I’d like to talk a little about my plans for my property. We could walk around a little and look at the site. I’d appreciate suggestions for things to do, things to plant. I can talk a little about the UCC course I am taking, taught by Kay Cafasso.
This is probably too much. Please chime in – what would you most like to do this time, and what can we postpone?

Anyone so inclined can bring a little nibble to share. I can provide coffee, tea, club soda.