Nepeta, Anemone, Foxglove, and More

I have following perennial plants to divide and share:

  • Nepeta fassennii “Six Hills Giant”: Catmint. This is a bee magnet. Great for dry, sunny spot. Silvery foliage and lavender flowers. Give it a lot of room. 36″ w x 30″ h.
  • Anemone unknown species: Charming white flowers. Great ground cover for moist spots. Spreads very easily so be careful where you put them. 12–16″ h.
  • Digitalis ambigua grandiflora: Yellow Foxglove. Dependable garden and cutting flower. I love seeing bees crawl into these flowers.
  • Anemone tomentosa “Robustissima”:  Wind Flower, Japanese Anemone, or Grape Leaf Anemone. Graceful flowers. Could be invasive. 36″w x 36″h.
  • Aruncus dioicus: Goat’s Beard. Good background plant. Attracts beneficial insects. 36″w x 48″h.

They are all flowering right now, so after they finish, I can cut down the stems and divide the plants for anyone who wants them.


Perennial Foxglove

Anemone with a species peony

Nepeta “Six Hill’s Giant”

Anemone robustissima


Goat’s Beard


One thought on “Nepeta, Anemone, Foxglove, and More

  1. Lucille Nurkse says:

    I have two young crab apple trees and 2 flowering (possibly crepe myrtle) trees that are looking for homes. They are about 5 ‘ high and 4 years old. Please contact me by email or phone 679-5131. Lucy

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