Possible Meeting Dates at the Woodstock Library & Other Garden/Forest Notes

Here are a few other available dates I booked at the Woodstock Library for meetings at 7 PM: August 2nd, October 4th, November 1st, and December 6th. If there are host homes for those months, I can cancel the meeting (s) there.

On another note…while walking in the woods today, I came across these mushrooms…I haven’t had a chance to ID it yet…does anyone know what it is? I also have had a voracious infestation of green caterpillars eating my beautiful Sea of Red lettuce…here’s a pic…needless to say, I squished back!!  The lettuce is recovering  ImageImage

nicely….I have continued to follow the nutrient-dense farming regimen that was outlined in the last Table publication, and I am really pleased with the results so far…I basically am using three ingredients: Azomite (rock dust solution one a week), Menefee humates (a small amount sprinkled in site of plant), and diluted kelp/fish emulsion every two to three weeks). At our last meeting in the library David Gross said he would post that article so everyone can read about it. The research thus far on this farming approach has shown incredible improvement in yields. I picked about 15 pounds of strawberries at Thompson & Finch, near Ancram, NY (NOFA certified organic…518-329-7578 on Sun…the berries are early due to the warmer weather so if you want to pick you better move fast…made strawberry shortcake last night…such a seasonal treat…froze the rest for a snowy day…Hallie


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