Roasted Lacinato kale

Last night we had the first cutting of our Lacinato kale…roasted at high temperatures (450-475 degrees)…heat olive oil in a pyrex-type dish or other roasting pan with olive oil and then add kale…roast until crispy…I like to add other veggies like Brussels sprouts or parsnips cut thinly…I usually roast these larger veggies for 10 min first and then add the kale until done….serve with rice, small pasta, or thin spaghetti…I like to drizzle sesame oil and tamari sauce…nutritious and delicious…I still have a lot of arugula savaticca seedlings…reseeds from last year…very intense flavor…makes good vinegar, too…here’s a pic….although I did not get many peony blooms because I transplanted my herbaceous peonies last fall, here is a pic of a bouquet from last week…the recent rains have hastened their bloom time….Hallie


2 thoughts on “Roasted Lacinato kale

  1. Thanks for great information. I never thought of roasting kale. I’ll try that. But I assume vitamines will be destroyed at that high temperature. Perhaps minerals will be easier to absorb?

    • I’m not sure about the mineral absorption…perhaps some raw shredded kale could be mixed in at the end.  I also recently made a rhubarb dal with rice…unusual but just delicious…I am a rhubarb fanatic…so I try all things rhubarb!!  I saw your mother at Ina’s party on Sat afternoon…but did not get a chance to say hello…looking forward to the get together on June 14th and learning more about soil construction…Hallie


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