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Skill-share, Nectarie Plants, and Rain Garden

I’d like to invite the Woodstock Permaculture Group to my house on Thursday June 14th at 5pm
it is the 2nd Thursday in June. We’re having a skill-sharing session for a hands-on soil-building
activity & information on flowers/plants that attract bee’s and insects presented by Mila Funk.
I am also building a rain garden with Mila, we’ll discuss as well.

This evening is an event organized by the Woodstock Transition Group & also falls into
the interest of our Permaculture Group. I hope everybody can join us.
Please pass along…everybody is welcome:)

Since it is dinner time — we’ll have a potluck & our grill will be available as well.

Also Next Tuesday May 22, 2012 at 10pm til ?
The Department of Environmental Conservation – Hudson Estuary Trees for Tribs
program is coming to our house to plant over 100 tree’s on the banks of the
Sawkill Creek behind our house.
We are looking for volunteers to help us plant.
Even if you are not available in the morning ~ we’ll be working all day.
~ bring your shovel … we’ll have some on-site as well.

At the house of Jennifer & Adolfo
email Jennifer at jzackin[at]yahoo[dot]com for address

Jennifer Zackin